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30th October, 2020     [GM]Sunset

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RMC Back Online!

13th January, 2020     [GM]Sunset

Hello there Redmoon community!

03-01-2020: It appears RMC is offline at the moment. Something we were all afraid of, since the donations were not working properly. We are looking at how we can keep Redmoon alive. Please try to join the Redmoon Users facebook group, so we can keep the Redmoon community alive/informed on the situation.

05-01-2020: The source of the problem has not been found yet. Tough we are in contact with people who might/hopefully find out what the cause of this situation is. GMRaven replied that there is no billing issue, so that is a big relief!

07-01-2020: The right people are currently working on solving the issue.

13-01-2020: RMC is back online, but there are still some issue's that need to be solved. Check the RMC Website for more information.

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Redmoon Classic & Redmoon2

23rd June, 2019     [GM]Sunset

As some might already know, Redmoon2 developers and the staff of Redmoon Classic share a few members:)! While development of Redmoon2 slowly continues, we would like to point out Redmoon Classic is still up and running! Not only that, there will be updates on RMC as well. To make it even better, everyone that donated to Redmoon2 so far (no new donations) can now claim donations tookens on Redmoon Classic. So if you donated here, let us know at and tell us your ingame name on RMC. Please send this message from the e-mail you used to donate. You will be given the same amount of tookens you would normally get on RMC for the dollars you donated!

Watch the RMC website closely, updates are near..:)

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Progress update

30th June, 2017     [GM]Measure

It has been a while since we last posted an update. But here we go!

The past weeks we've been discussing a lot of features that will or will not make it to the design document. As the design document is a key part in the development, it is of much importance having it optimized. I don't want to get into too much detail on this, as it is simply too much information. The progress of crystallizing all this information into the design document had us overwhelmed.

But, fear not! Although our personal lives sometimes leave us little time to work on all of this, the design document is now slowly looking better than ever. And, when it is finally done, [GM]Sunset can use this to make that progress bar shoot through the top of your screen!

That all being said, I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for sticking with us. The project is taking quite some more time than we had anticipated. But, when the reward in the end is as sweet as Redmoon2 is going to be, it is worth the wait. ;-)

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12th May, 2017     [GM]Measure

Keep an eye on the media section as I will be regularly posting some new skill icons. The names and icons may be different when the game releases, but these are ready to be implemented.

In the near future, we will be having a contest for new skill/item names! So be sure to check that out later on too.

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