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2020-01-06 05:50:03 | Post count: 4
6th January, 2020, 05:50:03     MrWizard

So, in light of the recent developments with RMC, I'm curious about where RM2 is headed. Is this project dead, delayed, or in some sort of holdup? I know the contributors are a very small portion of a small population. Just curious if Robin is alone and unafraid on this, or if others are still contributing.

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6th January, 2020, 21:23:33     [GM]Measure

We're ofcourse hoping RMC will soon be accessible again.

As for RM2, the project isn't dead. Although in this day and age, time is a valuable thing. At the moment we're looking at how we can manage our time and keep on developing piece by piece. Which for me means learning some new things to take off of Robin's plate. A very big plate, I might add. But if anyone can do it, it's him :-)

8th January, 2020, 08:06:58     [GM]Sunset

There was 'some' progress in 2019, but not anything close to what we wanted. A few major bugs were solved, like the FPS flickering between 62 and 31 frames and the database is now 650x faster (literally). The code got more streamlined and the account/character select & create were developed.

Plus we filled a projectboard with all the features and stuff that needs to be done for a working alpha. It contains about (also) 650 stories:)...

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11th January, 2021, 06:17:51     MrWizard

Well, nearly a year to the day. Anything new or exciting with the project?